Life is not the way it is supposed to be. It is the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Still Here!!!


Good morning.   It looks cloudy and cold outside my window this morning.   No activity out there, no cars  moving, coming or going, a quiet time and the macadam is filled with small puddles so it must have rained during the night.    I've been here at the computer for a few hours now, just fooling around, trying to think of things to say but there really is nothing new or different to report...write about....well...some days are like

I will give you a time out so you can do what you like to do and I will go for a refill, hunker down, watch the television news and wait for the hours to go bye so I can put my shoes on and go out the door....I haven't had an invitation as yet but you know that old saying about 'living in high hope'.....I ignore the despair part.....that's easy to do!!!

So with little or nothing to write about, I am going for a refill of coffee, hunker down in my easy chair and SULK!!!!    Um...haven't done that for awhile....better!!!

Go...have yourself a good day, all day ....doing the things you love to do.....and a few of the things you do even like to do.    Be kind to your family and friends.....make someone laugh out loud today just because you can. YOU.   Enjoy the day.  Hugs.

Good Morning!!!

Good  Morning, Good Morning, a new day is dawning...Good Morning, Good Morning to YOU....La, la, la......I think we are about to have a new day, right now it is pitch black out my window, no lights on over at the hospital traffic yet, no movement of any oh could hear a pin drop if someone was up and awake to drop one.   It is early....much to early for most folks to be up and about...then there are 'us' who do not know how to sleep in...wonder if it was having children that broke that spell for us....something did as sleeping in is not something that comes easy, come to think of it I don't think I was ever one to sleep in.   Pa was one of those five a.m. wake-upper folks and thought it was good for him it was and having that first hot cup of coffee filled with creme and sugar made the morning bright and beautiful.   A lot of good memories when the first cup of coffee is poured of a morning.   He was an early riser and a lot of folks used to set their clocks by him as he walked up the street to his work over at the big florist complex where he could just touch a leaf and it would blossom....he had the magic....he was what the old Irish would call 'a blessing'.   How lucky we are that we have memories of our loved ones that never die.   So today, stop off at a church of your choice and light a candle for that special soul that is so much a part of YOU.

Silence prevails in the early morning hours.   No traffic at all this soon will pick up and folks will be coming in for their work day.    I was out and about yesterday but have no such plans for today....but am willing to make!!!

So, I am off to watch a bit of television news in high hope that some one good thing happened....of course you have to get by a dozen ads before you can find out....

Be good, be kind, be generous today...share a little of YOU with those you love and a friend good deed......kind words, smiles from the heart and a hug or two...that should get you through  today, feeling G R E A T!!!

GO!!!!!!  BE  YOU!!!!!   Hugs to all.

Saturday, January 20, 2018


I have no idea what this is, but it is different and has a beauty all its own.   A lacy design, a face with a beard,  a web, symbols  in pink but what?  who knows!!!
Relaxing time is never wasted.   A chance to rebuild a little energy for things you want to do.   A coffee or a tea break...cannot hurt, even a little bit.   Make good use of your 'down time'.
Something to think about.

Hey, the weekend is here....time out...time to do what you want to do and not what has to be has already been done during the week, if not, then wait until next week and start all over again.    A weekend is to be 'down time' doing what you want to do not what you have to says ME!!!  ha, ha, like I had a lot to say about anything.   Well, taking possession of your own time is yours to do and do not let anyone else tell you differently.

Right this minute the court yard is pitch black, not a light on anywhere...folks are sleeping in this morning.   No cars on the move.    Quiet is good....quiet is time to think and plan for the day.....quiet is 'quiet' and that is a good thing as we need a lot of 'quiet' in our lives....we do live in a noisy world...stop and listen  for silence once in awhile.  I think the brain kicks in and gives a long sigh of contentment.  So.....yesterday was a very quiet day with nothing to write about as nothing happened around here.   I went upstairs for lunch time and a lot of our folks were off having fun for the least I hope so...some were off for doctor or dentist appointments and that is not always fun but a necessary evil in our lives.    I did go for a haircut and I have to tell you I am one step from bald....the young lady started clipping and never stopped. A good thing I like short your fingers through it and

So our weekend is here and we have time for ourselves.    Think of some one thing you have waited the weekend to get here so you could participate in your needs, or is it needs are few but my wants are!!   

So go....have a be good to you day.....think of exactly what will make you feel good and 'go for it' have a day that makes you smile.    Be good, be kind, be gentle, be YOU.   Hugs to all.

Friday, January 19, 2018


What do you see?    I see Faith, Love and Hope!!!  A favorite picture, a favorite place, wishful thinking early in a new day ...wishing for a repeat of an old day.....memories are made for that....

the frame is old barn wood . . . 
A walking trail, a pathway, footsteps to the ocean with huge rocks to walk out on;  yeah.  There is a rejuvenation of spirit when you travel down a familiar path taking time out to view the brambles and the weeds which make up some of the beauty of our pathways.    Nearby there is a stream and you can hear the water rushing along to the ocean.    A memory picture...aah!!!

A new day, places to go, things to do, but not before the other eye opens and breakfast is on the table.    No maids around here so I have to go and cook a breakfast up myself...easy to do when you have the right ingredients but my cupboards are bare and a trip to the grocery store is in order.    I will make a list, check it a dozen times to make sure I do not forget to put 'something good' on it.   A sticky bun...yum....or a doughnut....yum, yum.....or a more sensible choice of raisin bread.  Now if the maid was handy.....ha.ha..ha.....I am the maid!!!

So, make today a good some of the things you didn't get done yesterday;  go about making the folks in your life happy you walked in the door.  Plan lunch out....take a ride out.....walk about a bit and then choose a place to eat, someplace that you know and love their food and relax and enjoy.    You can catch up with all that unfinished work is a 'be good to yourself' day....we all need one of those. YOU today and create a 'banner' day.   GO!!!!  Have fun!!  Hugs to all.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Black Clouds!!

It was like this a little while ago but it seems to want to clear up and that is good...clear is beautiful light blue skies with an occasional deep bluish cloud promising some showers, but they may move on and then the clouds will move on and the sun might come out...I'd like that.
Summer Time and the living is easy....birds are singing and the weather is, la, la.....
and listen to Mother Teresa, she knows what is good for us!!!

A new day.....a clear bright morning with no noise at all;  cars parked, a few moving in looking for space  but will have to go around to the back of the buildings as all of the spaces are taken this morning.    The shades are still drawn in the hospital windows so it is too early to be up and about....with an exception of an early riser or two who want the day to begin before the shade of night is  drawn.   Well, we can't all be sleepy

A new go shopping..yes, I am going to put my shoes on and join daughter  Patricia and walk around the Good Will looking for a treasure.....usually one of the old glasses or dishes that we threw away and now have a need for it....isn't that the way it works...or is supposed to work????  You know, you have been there, given up some favorite pieces and then hurry to retrieve them.  The cupboards are bare when you throw away special pieces with go and have yourself a great day, all some of the things you have been wanting to do and make your day special...just like you.

I am off to put the shoes on....take the rain jacket with me as it looks like the pavement is  wet out there in the parking lot.    I hope to treat Pat to lunch out today.....have no idea where or what we will have but I am sure we will find a place that makes our taste buds jump with good, be kind, be YOU.....You really do get what you give of YOU today and get a lot back.....hugs....a buzz on the cheek.....a cup of tea with something 'good' to go with know the dance to its tune....enjoy TODAY!!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Good Morning!!

YOU are in Good Hands be good, share YOU with those you love and like....

put  a smile on the faces of family members and friends;  share.....

exercise, use those muscles!!

                                Take time to smell the flowers!!!

TODAY!!!!  A new day!!!!  A day to wake up and be YOU....

Good morning.  I have been sitting here at the computer for hours, just thinking of things I'd like to write about and words that would make you smile and feel good about yourself....words to make you want to partake of today...words that would make you want to 'lick the world with one hand behind your back.'   The thought is there but the words are locked up in the brain and my window to the outside shows only early morning blackness, not a car or a noise, just too early.   I woke up early, put the coffee pot on and am sitting here sipping hot coffee thinking of things I could write about but the mind does not seem to want to release any words, just keeping thoughts to itself and the eyes are watching out the window to drawn blinds at the hospital wing;   no movement in the parking lot and absolute quiet within the walls of this building.   Folks are not anxious to get up from their cozy beds and start a new day...yet....but it wont be long before each one awakens and a new day begins.

So.....I am reading a little slip of paper with words that say:  "Accept what IS, Let GO of what WAS and have faith in what will be." (words by David A Wolfe.) AND, my plaque which is a prayer of serenity says, "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change..Courage to change the things I can and the wisdom  to know the difference."       SO!!!!  Wake up with a smile on your face, loving words in your heart and have a day to remember.

So...I am off for a refill, put on the television and some news of a new day and hopefully one of the  best yet.    Have a 'healthy' day doing what is best for YOU;  be good, be kind, be gentle and go about today like it is your very last day on earth.....good deeds...shared love....lots of hugs.....and a smile for everyone you meet and greet today.   Be good!!  BE YOU!!! 

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Good Morning!!!

 Good Morning!!!  Good Morning!!!   A New day is dawning, or soon will be, it is pitch black outside right now.   No hospital window lights on;   no cars coming in;  dark and much to early to be up and about. . . but some of us just have to pay attention to the body clock and a life time of early risings;  so....up we get and have no rhyme or reason for starting off our new day so early....there is nothing open, no lights on, no people moving;  no cars moving...the smart folks are hunkered down under the covers, off in dreamland enjoying the sights and sounds of places they would like to be.   The coffee is hot and good.  The quiet is restful and the mind is searching for things to write about.   So off I go to plot and plan my day in search of some place interesting to visit;  well a trip to the grocery store is always interesting especially when you leave your list at home.  So, do not give up, I may yet find something interesting or someone interesting to share with you...or you can join me in a 'sulk' haven't had one of those in awhile.    It is a new make the best of it....I am off to watch some news, hunker down in my easy chair and if I am lucky I'll snooze a few more hours away as there is nothing open at five a.m., even at six it is hard to find someone willing to share well, I will fill my cup, turn on the TV, hunker down in my chair and not make a move until I absolutely have to...join me.....hugs to all.