Life is not the way it is supposed to be. It is the way it is. The way you cope with it is what makes the difference.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Sunshine Morning!!

And a bright and good morning to says Miss Emma.....with the eyes that speak to you.   Usually it is..."pet me, pet me"  or "feed me, feed me"  or "walk...I'll beat you to the door"..and she does.    A love, a treasure and we all love her.

The sky is a bright baby blue this morning filled with sunshine, not a cloud in the entire  sky area so we are off to a lovely summer day.  How fast time is going as there are a few signs of fall.  One of our bushes is changing and the fall colors are beginning to show.    Time has a way of passing bye whether we are ready for the changes or not.    It has been an unusually mild summer here in Port Orchard.  We may get a heat wave yet, so I had better not brag out loud.   The cars are in their place and this morning there is a little white roadster, no top up, has leather seats of a deep tan shade.   Looks inviting enough to take for a  

Yesterday turned out to be a good day.  I spent time with daughter Patricia and watched some Netflick with Erin and Donaleo.  They were all resting up as there was a project on going..moving huge path stones around.   Not sure if they are planning a stone walk way or a patio, but they are planning and plotting and we will soon see the end results.   Patricia has a lovely yard both front and back.  A lot of spaces to fill in with beautiful flowers and plants, although she does have many growing now.   Her garden boxes are doing well and we are all enjoying the 'fruits of her labors'.

The blinds are still down in the hospital wing.  There is a lovely baby blue plant in front of one of the windows and I think it is an azalea , and it covers a window to a parking lot so no harm  some of the tall trees are beginning to show some fall colors of yellow, gold and a bit of red....fall is soon...where did most of summer go?   Um....Indian Summer still to come so I'll stop rushing the season in thought and watch the action as it unfolds.   Right now I can hear silence....a small miracle of an early morning.

So I am off for a refill.  Coffee  ah!!  I want something good to go with it and there is nothing good in this house...ha ha, you have heard that cry before.   If you have a spare cinnamon roll, don't eat it all, save me a crumb or we could share something good and tasty and exchange a dozen words or so....that would be fun!!

So, I will love you and leave you to your day.  I hope it is everything you want it to be.   Be good, be kind, be gentle and go with a happy heart.   Be You!!! Hugs to all.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Good Morning!!

Good Morning.   I have a very black screen this morning and very white words are coming up on the screen.   I have no idea what is going on with the computer but it isn't good;  so I will ask for help when the girls wake is way too early to even try to contact them.....I could try but I don't think it is a good idea, smile!!!  I'll be the saying goes...'later gater'...  meanwhile hope your snoozing in and wake up to a beautiful day.   Hugs to all.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


You can try for a perfectly shaped carrot but don't be disappointed when you get a fancy character;  a space man . . .a dancer . . . old cabbage head himself!!
I heard that some corn beef is cooking at Pat's house. . . maybe we should just drop bye!!
Angels in the of our lovely ladies has passed on ...Betty with the smiling eyes and open friendliness that reached each of us.   We will miss her.    It is a small tight community and the loss is dearly felt.  

So here it is Sunday all did it get here so fast?   One minute it is Monday and then it is Sunday all over again...where does time go?   Why is it in such a rush?   For some it drags, but for others it is like a lightening streak which comes and goes in seconds.    We all have our busy days and they rush bye and we don't give it much thought....then it is a weekend again and we wonder where did the time go...why does it seem to be in such a hurry for some and drag so for others.....we will have to give some thought to time as it doesn't stand still for anyone.

My week was a quiet and a good one.   I had a few outings and I had some good "in" time.  I always enjoy a visitor or two and having a little tea party is always fun.   I am out of goodies again so I'll have to ask the girls to add some special cookies to their list ....but what kind?   Um.....they have good taste so I'll let them choose.    It is quiet outside my widow, cars are parked, shades are still down in the hospital wing.   No one is about, quiet prevails ...silence.  Silence makes for thinking, sometimes deep thoughts, sometimes silly ones, but the mind is always ready and able to produce a full production for us.    When I sit here at the computer early of a morning, the trees are plentiful and not a leaf is stirring, no breeze of any kind this morning.  Some mornings it is like a hurricane when the wind is up and everything is on the move.   At this age, one has time to look over the bushes and the trees and actually see and feel the change of season.  I am smiling, it is not the age, it is the time we choose to give it that makes us aware of what is really going on around us.   So, I am off to celebrate a new day.    I made no plans so cannot be disappointed...but I am willing to make plans...wish YOU were close bye to come and visit;  take me out and walk by the water;   look at the boats in the bay;   stop for fish and chips a bit later in the day;   just a hug and a visit and all is right in your world.   So make things happen today...only YOU can.    I'm off to have a refill of my coffee, turn on the news and find out what has gone on in the night.   Sunday is prayer day so be sure and offer up a small one for me...thanks.....I'll do the same.  Meanwhile.....go.....have yourself a good day all day.    Hugs to all.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Week End

I know, I know it is easy to turn  a picture...for some folks....I lost my know how in the   but...turn your head and you will see the finished puzzle, it was a dandy and kept me busy for a few days.    The puzzle board is too....maybe next week or next month I'll get the urge to start a new one.   I am late getting to the computer this morning, been putting around the kitchen looking for something good to eat.  There is nothing good in this have heard that expression before...and you will shopping, no buying, no what I am going to do today.  Smile!!!  I am humming, "I'm making a list and checking it twice;  going to find out what is naughty and nice;   cookies and cake , la, la, singing is good as long as it is not out loud...humming is the word I'm looking for.  My coffee is hot and will help to wake me up, but it always tastes better with as nice coffee bun to go along with it.  There is nothing 'good' in this house!!!!   Well you have already heard about 'beggars and choosers' so a trip to Freddys and the bakery should help relive the suffering of not having anything to eat in this, if it wasn't so early I'd invite you over to share something 'good'.  

I am looking at the familiar scene, cars parked straight in, all but one who backed    The workers are in and the shades are slowly going up, another new day and hopefully a good one for those who are confined.    One of our ladies had a fall and is over there so I think I'll saunter over and say hello and see how she is doing.   I don't think she broke any bones, probably a bad sprain.  I am not sure why some decide to take the stairs when they can ride up and down in the elevator.    Not one of us is a spring chicken so taking an elevator should not be considered 'for old folks only'  ....being an old folk isn't all bad...actually the stairs take a lot it is a form of exercise.  I don't do stairs but long walks to the corner and back have a special draw...fresh air and sunshine, and you can pick some buttercups on the way back.

I am off for a new day. I hope you are too.   I wish you happy faces in your life today and what goes around, comes around, so be sure you are wearing a bright and beautiful smile...all is good exercise for the facial muscles.    It doesn't do away with the double chin but it does firm it up a YOU and have a wonderful day, all day.    Hugs to all.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Sign of the Time!!!

How beautiful;   and you thought a weed was ugly . . . all together now....blow!!.....he love me, he loves me not!!!!!   Of course he does, you are very special!

A truism!

So today be creative!

We all have a 'true' friend who sees us for who and what we are and puts up with us that is being lucky in life and love.....thank YOU for being a friend.

Early morning, nothing has changed out there in the parking lot at this time of the morning.  A few workers have strolled into the hospital wing and the blinds are not open yet;  well there is one widow with open blinds and the television just went on a new day has started for that patient, hopefully a good day and one that means a happy healing day.    A few cars are in the parking lot but there will be more.  It is only around six and I have been up for an hour , or more, have had one cup of coffee and intend to have a refill so I can wake up and get on with my day.

Yesterday was a good day.  I really didn't do anything that would make you want to change places with me.  I stayed in, well not all day, granddaughter Erin came and we went grocery shopping.   I like walking the aisles for exercise and that way don't miss out on anything.   I do make a list but usually leave it behind and you know my memory isn't what it used to be....ahem...amen to that!!  I am lucky I remember I need bread....and I did forget ice cream.....who needs the calories???  I do!!!  I don't know about you but age has a lot to do with forgetting what you went to the store for in the first place.   You walk up and down the aisles without a list and thinking you will remember what you need only to find  when you get home that you bought everything but what was on your list.   I did buy some hamburger and made myself a big juicy sandwich ....not quite the same without the bun but it disappeared in a hurry.    I missed the pickle!   

So today is a new day.  I have no plans yet;  something will come up and I'll put the idea into practice and see what I can do to get into a little mischief.    The weather has been perfect.  This morning the skies look a bit grey but there is a small area of baby blue so it will change to bright and beautiful.    I'd buy lunch if I could talk the girls into a ride to Manchester and back....but....I think they are spoken for today.  Here at Ridgemont it is 'spooky' quiet , not a sound, some folks sleep what that would feel like.    I wake up earlier than the proverbial worm so never catch    So off I go for a refill, put on some news, maybe find a piece of the puzzle on the table;  it's a humdinger, hard, but a challenge!!  Go....have yourself a good day, all day, do what you like to do and don't let anyone talk you out of it.    Be good, be kind, be gentle and be free with your hugs.    Don't be stingy!!   Be YOU!!!!!  Hugs to all.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Early Morning!!

Good morning.   The sky is bright with a patch of grey clouds moving slowly, all kinds of patterns in the sky this morning.  Picture to put names to them and watch them move slowly like moving pictures in the sky.    The imagination runs wild as you find angels with beautiful wings;  birds of all sizes, chickens, ducks and a floating!! Well what have you got an imagination for????  Use it...go look out the window and see what you can see.  I have my door open and the clouds are moving across the sky in slow motion. I can see an angel  and now an alligator with snapping jaws, a baby eagle in a nest, um....little puff balls  in all manner of shapes and sizes.   Good exercise for the up your curtains and see what you can see this morning....I like company!  Good morning!!  I hope you rested well and had lovely dreams.  I hope you wake up to a good day, all day.   I am ready for a good one.

Yesterday was a good day.  I got to do some work..filing....well, I like to file.  There is something special about putting lots of paper in order and finding just what you are looking for when you need it.   Neat is good.    I did some organizing of the books and of course found one to bring home to read.   Today will be a quiet day and I'll catch up with myself and do a lot of nothing.  Ever have days like that?  If not, time you tried it.    A lazy day....why not, you have earned one.  

Right now the parking lot is filling up;  a lot of empty spaces still.  The blinds are not open in the hospital wing and there are no folks walking around...just will soon change and another busy day will be in the offering for each of us to fill as we desire.    One of the workers is walking across the tarmac in her blue uniform and some very high toned sneakers the color of purple. I didn't know sneakers came in purple. . . wonder if they have my size?   I'm smiling as I have big feet and colorful sneakers are really not for me....more like gun boats and should be!!    One of the workers just pulled in and is parked in front of my window.  She has fired up a cigarette....a nurse attendant smoking...sad but true.  Her lungs will let her know soon enough that her habit is dangerous.   I used to smoke many, many, years ago.  When I got up to a pack a day and had to put out thirty five cents, I smartened up and what they cost today....probably an arms length!!  My advice , you don't want to hear, is not to start.....but...who listens!!!

So I will take my advice and file it away for another day.    Do go out and look up at the sky and see all of its beauty this morning.   Take yourself for a walk around the block and get a little exercise under your belt.   Have yourself a good day, all day.   I'm off to see what I can do, there must be something good I can do;  got any filing?  I'm experienced

Go...have yourself a good day, all day......treat someone you like to a lunch out, leave them with a hug and a smile. YOU....Hugs to all.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Hump Day!!

A Gallery picture along with some of the ceramic works that 'live' at the gallery ...that is until someone comes in and wants to give it a special place in their home.  We have some really talented artists.  

It is hump day, a day to plan how to finish up all those chores that were started on Monday and need to be finished up would be good....but....we'll see.  I have a filing job to do today and that always makes time fly bye.  Believe it or not, I really do like to file.  Something about order and neatness and watching a pile of paper disappear.  

Yesterday was a quiet day, nothing special going on.  We can always use quiet days to catch up with ourselves.  

Folks are heading into the hospital building, a new day, blinds not open as yet, folks still sleeping.   Let us all hope the folks confined have a good day today and get their walking papers to go home feeling bright and beautiful again,

As for me, I have to go and get ready as I have work to do....busy is good.

Make your today a good one doing the things you love to do best.   Be a good friend to day;  take someone to lunch out and relax for awhile, then go back and finish up your work for the day.    Be YOU.  I'm going to

Hugs to alll.